Four troopers and two doormen have passed on after a torrential slide struck on the Siachen ice sheet in Indian-controlled Kashmir, a military authority has said.

The eight-man watch was near 19,000 feet (5,800 meters) up in the Himalayas when the torrential slide hit.

Salvage groups figured out how to haul every one of the men out and helicopters cleared seven fundamentally harmed individuals from the gathering to a close by military medical clinic.

Six of the men later kicked the bucket of hypothermia.

Pakistan and India have neglected to neutralize the Siachen icy mass regardless of talks. It is known as the most elevated front line on the planet.

The overlooked casualties of the world’s most noteworthy war

India and Pakistan’s frosty battle

India held onto control of the ice sheet in 1984, and from that point forward a bigger number of troopers have passed on from the conditions than in battle.

A gathering of 10 Indian troopers kicked the bucket when a torrential slide hit an army installation in the area in February 2016.

Avalanches and torrential slides are basic in the area during winter, when temperatures can drop to – 60C.


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