Tempest Atiyah has made landfall, with winds hitting paces of up to 80mph (130km/h).

Prior on Sunday a “status red” wind cautioning was given by Met Éireann for County Kerry.

Extraordinary alert is exhorted, particularly in beach front zones and on high ground.

ESB Networks has said its teams are managing a few thousand power blackouts over the Republic of Ireland. Irish telecaster RTÉ reports that the south-west zone is the most exceedingly terrible influenced.

The admonition for Kerry was set up from 16:00 to 19:00 nearby time on Sunday.

Kerry County Council has announced various episodes following the “status red” wind cautioning.

It said a tree fell on a vehicle close Mountcoal Cross on the N69.

Met Éireann said there was a probability of waterfront flooding because of a mix of high oceans and a tempest flood.

Northern Ireland climate conjecture

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The UK isn’t relied upon to be as severely hit by the tempest

Various flights from Cork Airport have been dropped while there is additionally disturbance at Shannon Airport.

Prepares in Cork and Kerry have been compelled to go at decreased rates, bringing about deferrals.

Tempest Atiyah was following among Iceland and Ireland on Sunday with waterfront territories expected to be the most noticeably awful influenced.

In spite of the fact that the UK isn’t relied upon to be as seriously hit by the tempest, the Met Office has given a yellow breeze cautioning for Wales, with storms of up to 70mph set to hit beach front territories.


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