Adjusted by Peaky Blinders maker Steven Knight, BBC One’s re-recounting A Christmas Carol expedites a different take a cherished exemplary. Watchers were given a look at Guy Pearce and Andy Serkis playing the famous characters prior this month by means of a secret trailer, yet now BBC One has discharged new pictures from A Christmas Carol, and it looks frequenting AF.

Adjusted by Peaky Blinders maker Steven Knight, this adjustment will take the Charles Dickens’ great to places its never been — particularly with regards to Ebenezer Scrooge (played by Guy Pearce). “As somebody in amazement of Charles Dickens capacity to make story and develop all around perceived characters, I have attempted to remain dedicated to the content,” Knight revealed to BBC One of every a press proclamation. “Be that as it may, this has included a nearby assessment of what is composed to discover components that maybe Dickens In his own time was not allowed to write about due to contemporary sensibilities.” The writer added:

“I have asked why Scrooge is the man he is, what caused him to be so, and I have offered what I hope are challenging answers.”
From the trailer and the new photos, it looks like Knight’s rendition will be a lot darker than any we’ve seen before. Andy Serkis’ costume design for the Ghost of Christmas Past looks delightfully terrifying, and the sombre ambience mixed with the Victorian-set design just adds even more creepy vibes to the mix.

BBC/Scott Free/FX Networks

BBC/Scott Free/FX Networks
“The original material is actually quite dark, in a similar way to old fairy tales being quite scary and frightening,” Pearce told BBC One. “I think what Steve Knight wanted to do was look at Dickens’ original material and dig in further. There’s a brutality and a gravity to it that reflects real life more than a lovely, safe, snow-covered Christmas story.”

BBC/Scott Free/FX Networks
In Dickens’ novella, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of a former employee and three other ghosts that proceed to show him his past, present, and future. They attempt to change him from being a miserable old man to one who is kind and cares for others by showing him different scenarios throughout his life.


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