Substantial downpour and solid breezes have been battering Scotland, causing disturbance on the streets, railroads and ships.

Met Office climate admonitions for wind and downpour are set up crosswise over quite a bit of Scotland and the north of England.

The A1 was shut after two lorries were blown over in East Lothian, while ships have been dropped in different pieces of the nation.

Train benefits over the Central Belt and Highlands have been upset by rail line and stage terminations.

Vacation spots in Edinburgh, including the palace and Christmas showcase, have been shut because of the extreme climate.

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The street and train line were shut at Saltcoats in view of waves slamming over the ocean divider.

The interruption to rail administrations incorporates:

Loss of capacity to the overhead wires between Edinburgh Haymarket and Linlithgow has prompted Edinburgh/Glasgow trains being disturbed

Stage one at Haymarket has been shut while conceivable harm was examined, and is relied upon to stay shut for the remainder of the day

Flooding has caused the conclusion of the line between Helensburgh Upper and Garelochhead. Substitution transport benefits on this course can’t reach Rannoch and Corrour

Harm to overhead electric wires shut the line towards Glasgow at Exhibition Center – it is currently open yet interruption is normal until 19:00

Stations influenced by flooding incorporate Crookston and Blairhill

The lines at Craigendoran and among Stevenston and Ardrossan South Beach were shut as a result of waves smashing on to the tracks, however have revived

On the streets, police have prompted drivers to maintain a strategic distance from the A1.

The HGVs were going out and about among Skateraw and Innerwick at about 07:45 when they toppled over.


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