Srinagar, Indian-directed Kashmir – “Don’t click any photos. Flee. On the off chance that they discover that you are writers, they will pound you.”

These were the expressions of a neighborhood police officer posted at one of the pickets at Jama Masjid, the biggest mosque in Indian-regulated Kashmir’s principle city of Srinagar.

The “they” he alluded to was a battery of paramilitary troopers conveyed around the square prompting the 600-year-old mosque.


Indignation regarding India’s representative calling for ‘Israel model’ in Kashmir

Far out in Kashmir

Will India’s lockdown in Kashmir ever end?

Since August 5, when the contested Himalayan area was deprived of its incomplete self-rule and put under a devastating lockdown, latches have been swinging from the entryways of the renowned mosque.

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Displeasure regarding India’s representative calling for ‘Israel model’ in Kashmir

Later in October, the past province of Jammu and Kashmir was officially isolated into two governmentally controlled “association domains”.

The lockdown additionally remembered confinements for strict social occasions in India’s just Muslim-larger part locale, with the specialists restricting the section of individuals into Kashmir’s significant mosques, where fans offered their petitions five times each day.


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