Repeating Islamabad’s interest for worldwide intercession in Indian-controlled Kashmir, Pakistani PM on Tuesday spoke to the “world’s still, small voice” to act against the “unlawful extension” of the valley with New Delhi.

On the World Human Rights Day, Khan denounced the “gross” human rights infringement in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly after New Delhi’s dubious repudiation of the valley’s long-standing exceptional rights last August, which started overall analysis.

Human Rights Day has been watched each year on Dec. 10 since 1948, when countries in the UN General Assembly received the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“On Human Rights day we should engage the world’s still, small voice, to upholders of universal law and to the UNSC [UN Security Council] to act against the unlawful addition of IOJK [Indian-involved Jammu and Kashmir] by the Indian Occupation govt.,” Khan said on twitter.

Denouncing the Indian government’s “attack” of Kashmir, he requested “a conclusion to the gross maltreatment and abominations being dispensed on Kashmiri men, ladies and youngsters by Indian Occupation powers infringing upon all Int Humanitarian and Human Rights Laws.”

“We salute and stand undauntedly with the courageous Kashmiris battling for their privilege of self assurance,” Khan included.

In the interim, the day is being seen as a “dark day” by a few gatherings in the Indian and Pakistani sides of Kashmir, against New Delhi’s dubious move.

Long-laden ties between the two atomic adversaries have dove to a new low after the India move of rejecting the extraordinary status of Jammu and Kashmir, which is isolated between the two neighbors in leaves behind both asserting it in full.

Many dread this progression was an endeavor to change the demography of the Muslim-lion’s share state.

Since segment in 1947, the two nations have battled three wars – in 1948, 1965 and 1971 – two of them over Kashmir, notwithstanding a three-week long Kargil engagement in 1999.

Some Kashmiri gatherings in Jammu and Kashmir have been battling against Indian guideline for autonomy, or for unification with neighboring Pakistan.

As indicated by a few human rights associations, a huge number of individuals have purportedly been murdered in the contention in the district since 1989.


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