The Indian government’s choice to repudiate Indian-controlled Kashmir’s independence on August 5 was met with blended response in one piece of the Himalayan locale – Ladakh.

Individuals in Buddhist-greater part Leh region cheered New Delhi’s choice to scrap Kashmir’s unique rights and bifurcate the area into two governmentally controlled domains.

In Leh, individuals are glad that their long request to be isolated from Indian-managed Kashmir was at long last met, however there is a protected dread the area may be overpowered with the travel industry and outcasts.


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The August 5 choice likewise implied individuals from terrain India would now be able to purchase property in the two districts – Kashmir and Ladakh – yet this has offered ascend to calls for shields for the neighborhood populace.

In contrast to Kashmir, Ladakh’s streets are not spotted with security shelters and there are no checkpoints in the tremendous virus desert situated around 5,730 meters (18,800 feet) above ocean level. The military nearness is for the most part limited to the fringe regions or kept to the camps.

The Muslim-dominant part Kashmir valley, then again, has been under security lockdown for as long as a quarter of a year. In spite of the fact that some correspondence limitations have been facilitated, the web stays cut off as New Delhi fears it may be utilized by individuals to arrange fights.

Be that as it may, the repudiation of statistic shields has fed fears in Leh locale.

Sonam Wangchuk, a commended symbol in Leh, the Buddhist-dominant part town, said the locale’s meager populace of around 272,000 and nature may be “influenced everlastingly if no endeavors are made towards its insurance”.

Wangchuk, whose most enriched advancement incorporates the formation of an ice stupa that he expectations will transform fruitless Ladakh into a pocket of green, has now entrusted himself to guard the personality and environmental uniqueness of the territory.

“This is an all out stun for all Ladakhi individuals that we have been given no shields ensured to ancestral territories,” the delicate talking engineer said.

Wangchuk’s feelings of dread are established in New Delhi’s choice to annul Indian-managed Kashmir’s extraordinary status, which had shielded the district from statistic changes by keeping outcasts from acquiring land and for all time settling in the Himalayan locale.

“Individuals with cash will simply tear it separated and expend it. Ladakhis will be more regrettable than a minority,” he told Al Jazeera, including the locale ought to be given insurance.

“In the event that they delay, at that point there will be irreversible harm. On the off chance that something isn’t done soon, there will be more dread and some sort of composed articulation,” he said.

A 72-year-old resigned woods official, Tsering Tondup, called the new changes in property possession “inadmissible”.

“Individuals claim a smidgen of land here and if that is likewise taken what will be our personality?” he said. “We request a law that shields our property rights.”

Ladakh likewise sits on a razor’s edge as it is the main spot on the planet where three atomic furnished nations – India, Pakistan and China – share their fringes.

While India and Pakistan battled a restricted war in Ladakh’s Kargil 20 years back, the Leh locale lately has additionally observed standoffs among Indian and Chinese officers.


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