The spouse of an imprisoned investor is battling to topple the UK’s first Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO).

Zamira Hajiyeva, who burned through £16m in Harrods, faces losing her £15m Knightsbridge home and a Berkshire fairway to the National Crime Agency.

Her significant other is in jail in their local Azerbaijan for taking millions from a state-claimed bank he once headed.

Mrs Hajiyeva prevents all charges from claiming bad behavior and the Court of Appeal was told she has been unreasonably focused on.

The most effective method to burn through £16m in Harrods

Gems connected to Zamira Hajiyeva seized

James Lewis QC, who is speaking to Mrs Hajiyeva, said the NCA’s whole case depended on unsupported cases that she had profited by political defilement.

“UWOs are accessible against ‘politically uncovered people’s and their families even without any sensible grounds to presume crime on their part,” said Mr Lewis in lawful entries.

“They are along these lines the most draconian and meddling forces accessible to budgetary examiners in the UK today – and by some edge.”

54 charge cards

Mrs Hajiyeva’s significant other, Jahangir Hajiyev, was allowed a 15-year prison sentence for debasement following an unfair preliminary and was not ready to protect the wellspring of the family’s riches in court in London, said Mr Lewis.

He included a judge’s prior decision that Mr Hajiyev was a possibly degenerate remote authority was imperfect since he had only headed a business manage an account with state investors, as opposed to a bank that was completing state capacities.

That implied, contended Mr Lewis, Mrs Hajiyeva should never again need to demonstrate to the NCA where her riches originated from.


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