MUZAFFARABAD: Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan on Monday asked Christian pioneers to speak more loudly for the mistreated individuals of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) against the rising tide of Hindu patriotism which is an equivalent risk for Muslims, Christians and different strict minorities in India.

While conversing with a designation drove by Dr Leif Hetland, author leader of Global Mission Awareness and a US-based association of places of worship far and wide, President Masood said that Hindutva belief system — enduring in our local India — has become a genuine danger to agreement and tranquil concurrence of devotees of various religions and religions, particularly after the marvel of Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism.

The AJK president repeated that Hindu radicals think about Indian Muslims as outsiders and gatecrashers whose very presence was disgusting to the “characteristic request of Indian culture and along these lines treat them as inferiors”.

“This sort of conviction had recently developed in Germany under the Nazi system, harking back to the twentieth century and brought about an appalling war and holocaust. The equivalent is presently being rehashed in South Asian area.”

Evaluating the assignment about the most recent circumstance in involved Kashmir, President Masood said the contested valley was attacked, reoccupied and barricaded by Indian powers toward the beginning of August this year. “The Indian armed force is perpetrating the most exceedingly awful violations against humankind. A great many individuals — for the most part youth — have been illicitly captured by specialists since the Modi government made the dubious proceed onward August 5

The prisoners, he stated, are being exposed to the most noticeably terrible type of torment. “Individuals in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir have been burglarized of their privileges to settlement, perpetual living arrangement, instruction and wellbeing.”


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