ABBOTTABAD: Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan said on Saturday that India’s RSS was giving military preparing to a huge number of youngsters and ladies to target Muslims.

“Rather than announcing these dangers from India as minor worries, there is a need to set up the country especially youth, to manage any consequence,” he told an occasion on the topic ‘Kashmir Needs Attention’ at Ayub Medical College in Abbottabad, sorted out by Jammu and Kashmir Student Welfare Organization.

Khan said India’s unlawful activity of revoking Indian Occupied Kashmir’s (IOK) exceptional status on August 5 was a piece of a trick to change over the Muslim larger part of the district into a minority.

“The individuals of involved Kashmir have been battling for a long time for the acknowledgment of the privilege to self-assurance,” he stated, including that a large number of Kashmiri youth just as political pioneers in IOK had been captured.

The AJK president recognized the job of the universal network and media in featuring the predicament of Kashmiris, saying “worldwide media is featuring the genuine image of involved Kashmir and compelling world parliaments keep on raising their voice for the privileges of Kashmiris and have censured Indian barbarities in the involved region”.

He, in any case, mourned that United Nations and some significant capitals of the world were as yet quiet, and their inaction over occupation powers’ monstrosities was frustrating.

“The adherents of Hindutva arrangement want to squash the Muslims in Pakistan and Kashmir as well as in the whole South Asia,” he included.

The AJK president said Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, proceeding with his war delirium, was taking steps to break down Pakistan and attack Azad Kashmir. “We should never regard these announcements as empty dangers,” he said.

Khan encouraged understudies to connect with the worldwide network, particularly their companions so as to change their observations and make them mindful of the abominations occurring in Indian IOK.


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