Veggie lovers, cheer. Christmas may very well have come right on time as it looks as if Greggs are prodding clients with the updates on a greater Greggs veggie lover menu. Be that as it may, up until this point, they are holding their assets away from plain view.

Prior today, the bread shop chain discharged a video on Twitter essentially saying “‘The gossipy tidbits are valid. We can hardly wait to uncover progressively about the dispatch and how we will include our veggie lover menu.”

However, what does everything mean? What will be available? Will they present an entirely different vegetarian go in the new year? Veggie lover steak pasties in abundance? Veggie lover pizza cuts? Veggie lover doughnuts? Perhaps veggie lover bacon butties! The conceivable outcomes are really huge.

Not long ago, Greggs changed the UK veggie lover baked good game when they presented the vegetarian sausage roll. Teaming up with popular veggie company Quorn, the vegan sausage rolls were almost impossible to get your hands on — flying off the shelf. In fact, not only did they have to increase production, Greggs profits were raised after the release of the vegan sausage roll, according to the Guardian.

The newspaper reports that the vegan sausage roll came after 20,000 people signed a petition by animal welfare organisation Peta asking Greggs to create a vegan version of the humble sausage roll. Now, Greggs, whose CEO Roger Whiteside is vegan, also have a Mexican Bean and Sweet Potato Wrap on the menu.

Hopefully, just like with the vegan sausage roll, this new range may drop in time for Veganuary. It’s the month-long challenge encouraging folks to ditch the dairy and animal products, with a record 250,000 people worldwide signing up. And this range would make Veganuary just that much simpler.

Vegan consumption and profits are very much on the rise. According to Vegan Society, The UK plant-based market was worth £443m in 2018. And Meat substitute sales grew by 451% in the European market in the four years to February 2018.

Greggs aren’t alone in adding vegan options to their menu. Pizza chain Domino’s announced a new vegan pizza . And Galaxy will also be introducing a “milk” chocolate vegan bar to their range.


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