Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, a moderate in the Pakistani foundation and previous diplomat to India, China and the US, is compromising atomic war on the side of Kashmir’s secessionists. Mr Qazi has proposed his nation should hit back at India with weapons of mass annihilation if to doesn’t relax its position on the contested Himalayan locale which was deprived of its semi-independent status and downgraded from a state into a government region the previous summer.


India-Pakistan rage: Fears of hard and fast war over Kashmir

India-Pakistan rage: New Delhi requests Islamabad dread crackdown

In the event that the individuals of Kashmir are compromised with slaughter, Pakistan’s hindrance must cover them

Ashraf Jehangir Qazi

He stated: “Pakistan’s atomic hindrance is intended to dissuade war not seek after war.

“Be that as it may, if the individuals of Kashmir are undermined with annihilation, as surely they seem to be, Pakistan’s hindrance must cover them.”

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It isn’t the first run through Pakistani authorities have spoken straightforwardly about the atomic choice to settle the Kashmir push.


Indian paramilitary soldiers on watch in Kashmir (Image: GETTY)

Executive Imran Khan shocked the UN General Assembly not long ago when he encouraged the worldwide network to follow up on Kashmir.

He stated: “If the world does nothing to stop the Indian attack on Kashmir and its kin, there will be ramifications for the entire world as two atomic equipped states get nearer and nearer to an immediate military showdown.”

Pakistan’s saber-shaking started an also forceful reaction from Delhi with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh scrutinizing India’s atomic approach of “No First Use”.


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