There is no adjustment in Pakistan’s visa approach for occupants of Jammu and Kashmir, the nation’s Foreign Office (FO) said in an announcement on Sunday.

The FO offered the comments after reports showed up in a segment of media about changes in the Pakistani visa for occupants of Jammu and Kashmir.

The reports are “totally ridiculous and mistaken, it said.

Pakistan High Commission keeps on issueing visas to inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir as per the visa arrangement of the legislature and related reciprocal understandings among Pakistan and India. There has been no adjustment in the visa arrangement for occupants of Jammu and Kashmir, it said.

It further expressed that Pakistan’s High Commission in New Delhi, while settling on visa applications for the inhabitants of the area, was likewise taking into discernment the circumstance in the locale after India annulled Article 370 of the Constitution on August 5 to disavow the uncommon status given to Jammu and Kashmir.

Strains among India and Pakistan spiked after New Delhi’s choice. Pakistan minimized discretionary relations with India and furthermore removed the Indian high magistrate.

The FO said the individuals who satisfy the visa prerequisites keep on being given visas as fast as could be allowed.


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