There are a few embarrassments that have the ability to characterize an entire age of governmental issues, and the Profumo Affair is one of them. The Trial of Christine Keeler is another six-section BBC dramatization that recounts to the narrative of an occurrence that shook 1960s governmental issues. In any case, before you delve into the show, you might be pondering, what precisely happened to Christine Keeler after the Profumo undertaking?

As Encyclopedia Britannica clarifies, everything began in 1961 at a select gathering at a nation domain. During the gathering, Stephen Ward, a London-based socialite with companions in high places, acquainted 19-year-old Keeler with one of the most significant men in legislative issues at the time, the then Secretary for War John Profumo. The two started an undertaking before long.

Critically, Ward had beforehand likewise acquainted Keeler with Captain Yevgeny Ivanov, who the Times portray as “a Soviet knowledge official acting like collaborator maritime attaché in the Soviet international safe haven in London.” Keeler and Ivanov additionally occupied with an issue.

In the months that pursued, Keeler was utilized as a pawn by both Ward and Ivanov to extricate data from the Secretary of War. As indicated by the history specialist Jonathan Haslam (through the Times), Keeler gave Ivanov access to cherish letters Profumo kept in touch with her. “The Russian covert agent additionally professed to have utilized a shrouded camera to take photos of Keeler and Profumo having intercourse in Ward’s home at 17 Wimpole Mews, so as to extort,” the Times composes.

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Before sufficiently long, gossipy tidbits began to course about the Keeler-Profumo undertaking. In March 1963, when gotten some information about what was going on, Profumo deceived Parliament, expressing that there was “no inappropriateness at all” among him and Keeler. Profumo later withdrawn his announcement and conceded reality. “His go wrong was regarded a contributory factor in the fall of the Macmillan government, with Labor winning under Harold Wilson in 1964,” the Guardian composes.

Concerning Keeler, she was seen as blameworthy of prevarication and condemned to nine months in jail. She went through a half year in jail in Holloway, London.


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