Indonesian specialists are going to the method of cloud seeding to attempt to stop more rain falling in the flood-hit capital Jakarta.

Planes have been sent to infuse synthetic concoctions into mists with an end goal to adjust precipitation.

Jakarta and encompassing regions have battled to adapt since a tempest on New Year’s Eve left enormous territories submerged.

In any event 43 individuals are known to have passed on, with exactly 192,000 cleared, and more downpour is normal.

Indonesia picks site for new capital city

Will new Indonesian capital simply move the issue?

As indicated by Reuters news organization, two planes have been sent up to shoot salt flares into the mists, which will ideally make them break before they arrive at the Jakarta district.

“All mists moving towards the Greater Jakarta zone, which are evaluated to prompt precipitation there, will be shot with NaCl (sodium chloride) material,” Indonesia’s innovation office BPPT clarified in an announcement.

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The Indonesian debacle the board organization said it was utilizing inflatable vessels to safeguard stranded families. Twelve individuals stay missing.

By Friday morning, the tidy up activity was in progress. On Thursday, specialists had utilized many siphons to attempt to bring down water levels in local locations and around open framework, similar to the railroads.

Be that as it may, even in zones where the water has retreated, mud and garbage are keeping numerous inhabitants from getting back.


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