A staggering automaton show in Shanghai to stamp the beginning of the new year didn’t really occur at New Year, it has developed.

The presentation of thousands of automatons flying in arrangement over the city was broadly secured by worldwide media.

Be that as it may, individuals who were at the occasion on New Year’s Eve have said they don’t saw anything.

The organization behind the presentation has affirmed to the BBC that the recording communicate the world over was really from a training run on 28 December.

Film of the noteworthy presentation was discharged to the world’s media by China’s state-run media.

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End of Youtube post by CCTV Video News Agency

It shows 2,000 automatons taking off against the sensational horizon of Shanghai’s Pudong region, at that point making firecracker shapes, an enlivened running man figures and afterward explaining 2020 and Chinese characters in the sky.

The video was gotten by the world’s media and generally hailed as a cutting edge and low-contamination option in contrast to conventional firecrackers.

Yet, as neighborhood English news site The Shanghaiist revealed, individuals who were viewing from the riverside region The Bund opposite Pudong “state they didn’t see anything in the night sky. No automatons. No nothing”.

“This takes my breath away on the grounds that it’s 100% Chinese phony news. We remained outside the previous evening for a show that never occurred,” one individual, Patrick Cox, said on Twitter.

Shanghaiist noticed that one video posted on 29 December seemed to show the very same presentation.


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