During a time when we’re all turning out to be unmistakably progressively mindful of our emotional wellness and what to look like after it, treatment is never again forbidden. Truth be told, from various perspectives it’s praised as a significant segment of any current way of life. The one downside? The expense. I’ve been lucky enough to dunk my toe into coordinated treatment, yet nothing customary because of various reasons — funds boss among them. As of late, however, I have begun discovering comfort for nothing — by conversing with a robot specialist on my telephone.

WoeBot charges itself as a “self-care master in CBT and care” that goes about as “your enchanting robot companion, prepared to listen every minute of every day.” It’s a conversational bot that permits the client type their difficulties into its application. From that point forward, WoeBot reacts in like manner utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies.

Upon “registration,” WoeBot offers a numerous selection of feelings to choose from with respect to how I’m feeling: dismal, on edge, extremely upbeat, glad, alright, discouraged, content, drained, furious, or debilitated. Can my feelings just can be categorized as one of those cans, I wonder? I don’t know what I’m feeling but rather pick “content.” WoeBot reacts: “Now and again we have to have OK days to make different ones sparkle so splendid.” Quite!

In spite of my pessimism at getting positive mantras from a machine, I concur with the opinions it offers me about how denying the realities about a circumstance isn’t the appropriate response. What’s more, really, when it verbalizes this point with a video of an animation robot getting lifted into the sky by inflatables, I very appreciate it. I do another “registration,” this time choosing the on edge alternative. Accordingly, WoeBot asks me would I like it to change my reasoning or help me unwind? A viewpoint change would be brilliant, thanks bot.


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