The UK and the EU will remain the “best of companions” yet they will “not be as close as in the past” after Brexit, the new European Commission president has said.

Talking in front of chats with the PM, Ursula von der Leyen cautioned it would be “inconceivable” to arrive at a far reaching economic accord before the finish of 2020.

She said if the cutoff time was not expanded it was anything but an instance of “win or bust”, yet of needs.

Boris Johnson has demanded an arrangement is conceivable by December 2020.

After their gathering in No 10, a Downing Street representative said talks had been “sure”, however the PM had been “clear” the procedure of arrangement would not be expanded.

After its 31 January leave, the UK will go into a 11-month progress period in which it will to a great extent observe EU runs however won’t have any portrayal in the coalition’s foundations. This period will reach a conclusion on 31 December.

Just when the UK leaves the EU can the different sides start chats on their future financial relationship.

Mr Johnson told Mrs von der Leyen he “needed a positive new UK and EU organization, in view of benevolent co-activity, our common history, interests and qualities”, just as a “wide facilitated commerce understanding covering merchandise and enterprises, and participation in different territories”.

He likewise said the UK was prepared to begin dealings “as quickly as time permits” after 31 January.

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Talking at the London School of Economics prior in the day, Mrs von der Leyen said the EU was “prepared to arrange a really desire organization with UK” however she cautioned of “intense” talks ahead.


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