At any rate 55 individuals were killed and numerous others were missing after torrential slides hit Pakistan-regulated Kashmir throughout the most recent 24 hours, senior government authorities said.

Two Pakistani authorities cited by the Reuters news office said on Tuesday numerous locals were as yet stranded in the torrential slides in the Neelum Valley region following overwhelming downpours that likewise activated avalanches.

Numerous individuals were accounted for missing and dreaded dead as salvage endeavors got going, one of the authorities said.


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Torrential slides, flooding and cruel winter climate has killed in excess of 110 individuals crosswise over Pakistan and in neighboring Afghanistan as of late, authorities said on Tuesday, as specialists battled to contact individuals stranded by overwhelming snowfall.

At any rate 75 individuals passed on and 64 were harmed crosswise over Pakistan, with a few as yet absent, while a further 39 individuals were murdered in Afghanistan, as indicated by authorities in the two nations.

Gauges propose increasingly cruel climate is headed.

In neighboring India, at any rate 10 individuals were executed after a few torrential slides hit the northern-part of Indian-regulated Kashmir.

A senior Indian police official said five troopers were among the murdered close to the outskirt among India and Pakistan.

Kashmir has been partitioned among Indian and Pakistan since their autonomy in 1947 and for quite a long time pressure on the outskirt has left many thousands dead.

The region is one of the world’s most militarily tense wildernesses, where the neighboring armed forces have defied each other over questioned an area for a considerable length of time.

In 2012, a torrential slide overwhelmed a Pakistani armed force brigade home office close to the Indian fringe, murdering in any event 124 fighters and 11 regular citizens.


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