Two Chinese nationals in their mid 20s have been discovered dead at the site of a 1973 plane accident in southern Iceland.

Police said the man and the lady were found close to the Sólheimasandur crash site, which draws travelers.

A police representative told the BBC a posthumous would occur ahead of schedule one week from now to build up the reasons for death.

Officials had not discovered any indications of a “criminal demonstration” by an outsider, he stated, including that the bodies gave indications of hypothermia.

In 1973, a US military plane came up short on fuel and crash-arrived on the sea shore at Sólheimasandur. Nobody was executed.

The fuselage of the plane still rests at the site, and has become a vacation spot.

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As per a police articulation (in Icelandic), officials were first called to the scene on Thursday after individuals found a lady’s body off a pathway prompting the slammed plane. Officials found the man’s body a short separation away around two hours after the fact.

A vehicle thought to have been leased by the couple was found in the site’s vehicle leave. China’s government office has been educated regarding their demises, the announcement said.

Jóhannes Thór Skúlason, leader of the Icelandic Tourism Association, disclosed to Icelandic news site Ruv that his gathering worked with inns and vehicle rental offices to caution vacationers of terrible climate.

“We have been fortunate in the blast of the travel industry lately, in spite of the fact that there are a couple of occasions of this sort we have needed to manage,” he said.

BBC innovation correspondent Chris Fox has been to the site:

For a considerable length of time, the Sólheimasandur crash site has pulled in sightseers quick to see something somewhat more uncommon among the characteristic excellence of Iceland.

The plane is far away the beaten track. A sign at the closest vehicle leave on the principle street cautions that it can take moderate walkers as long as two hours to arrive at the plane, and an additional two hours for them to get back.

There is a bus transport that takes visitors legitimately to the plane – however like everything else in Iceland it isn’t modest and numerous holidaymakers choose to stroll. At the point when I visited in September, the transport driver revealed to me the site had encountered a flood in prominence since Justin Bieber skateboarded on the destruction in 2015.

Yet, when the van transport drops you off and leaves, you truly are out in the wild until it returns. As you can expect, the climate in Iceland can be sharply cold, and it can turn rapidly and suddenly.


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