The waste thing about getting fixated on a band at a youthful age is the progression of time. Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that their music may not, their association frequently has a period limit. Yet, you realize what is the most perfectly awesome? Gathering visits. What’s more, after My Chemical Romance rejoined for a L.A. show in December 2019, British fans quickly began pondering: will My Chemical Romance visit the UK in 2020?

I am so prepared to rejoin the Black Parade. Pass me the straighteners and some dark hair color IMMEDIATELY.

The band uncovered the get-together news by means of their internet based life accounts on Halloween 2019 (on the grounds that, clearly), telling fans that they are to change for a show in L.A. on Dec. 20 soon thereafter. They later proceeded to declare that they are set to feature the Download celebrations in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

As energizing as these declarations were, it was hard for UK fans not to be somewhat disillusioned. The U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Japan… Shouldn’t something be said about us?

Indeed, it took a couple of months, yet we’ve at long last been given a UK date. On June 20, 2020, the band will play Stadium MK in Milton Keynes. Tickets go at a bargain at the Kerrang! Ticket Store from 9 a.m. on Jan. 24, 2020.

At the point when My Chemical Romance separated (stop it, you’re crying), frontman Gerard Way thought of one of the saddest (and long) letters you’ll at any point read. One which he closed down with:

“My Chemical Romance is finished. Be that as it may, it can never bite the dust. It is alive in me, in the folks, and it is alive inside every one of you. I generally realized that, and I figure you did too.Because it’s anything but a band — it is a thought.”

Way’s composing ability isn’t exclusively for composing very tedious letters yet in addition for being the brain behind the tremendously effective realistic books on which Netflix show The Umbrella Academy depends on.


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