Davos: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan next to him, US President Donald Trump again rehashed his idea to “help” on Kashmir today. In spite of a progression of refusals from New Delhi, this was President Trump’s fourth such idea since August, when the administration rejected the extraordinary status to Jammu and Kashmir. The US President is relied upon to visit India inside half a month – which would be his first visit to the nation.

Tending to the media with Imran Khan in front of their discussions uninvolved of the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, President Trump stated: “We are discussing Kashmir and with connection to what’s new with Pakistan and India. On the off chance that we can help, we absolutely will help. We have been watching it and tailing it incredibly, intently”.

“There are issues that we need to discuss, similar to Afghanistan. Luckily, we are in agreement… India, obviously, it is a major issue. We generally trust that the US will have its influence in settling that on the grounds that no other nation can,” Imran Khan said.

Inquired as to whether he would visit Pakistan while taking off to India, President Trump stated, “We are visiting at this moment, so we won’t generally need to. Yet, I needed to make proper acquaintance for both a relationship angle… we have had an incredible relationship”.

President Trump had made his last idea of intercession in September, when top pioneers of most countries had accumulated in the US for the United Nations General Assembly. At the time, in front of the gathering with the Pakistan Prime Minister, President Trump said he was “eager to get the show on the road” to intervene if both Mr Khan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi needed him to.


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