You’re not carrying on with your best life until you’re carrying on with your level 10 life. Self-improvement is a significant factor in accomplishing satisfaction and success throughout everyday life.

You’ll never know where you genuinely are in life until you make a stride back and take a gander at things in the master plan. We get so got up to speed with family, work, school, marriage, children, and endurance that we dismiss what our motivation is and where we need to be throughout everyday life.

Level 10 Life Bullet Journal Ideas

What is Level 10 Life?

Level 10 life is a self evaluation idea made by writer Hal Elrod in the book “The Miracle Morning”. Elrod clarifies the importance of level 10 life by saying, “In case we’re estimating our degrees of progress/fulfillment in any part of our lives, we as a whole need to be experiencing our best lives at a ‘Level 10’ in every territory. Making your ‘Level 10 Life’ starts with making a fair evaluation of where you are.” Level 10 life is an approach to follow where you are throughout everyday life and contrast it with where you need to be.

At the point when regular day to day existence starts to cloud your vision of your lifetime objectives and dreams, the level 10 life evaluation is an incredible method to bring everything into viewpoint.

Instructions to set up your level 10 life projectile diary spread

To begin with, you’ll begin by making your level 10 life format in your shot diary. There’s numerous approaches to structure your format (there’s huge amounts of thoughts recorded later in this post), yet the most well known page design configuration is the wheel of life. The wheel of life idea was made by creator Zig Ziglar. It’s tied in with finding an equalization in your life and accomplishing your objectives. Attract one gigantic circle the focal point of your shot diary page. Draw nine all the more diving circles within the principle circle. You can utilize this device to assist you with drawing an even, balanced circle. Next , isolate the wheel into 10 segments. Mark each segment with a part of your life that you might want to improve. I would mark my wheel of existence with these segment thoughts:

Companions/public activity

Time the executives




Physical condition



Feelings of anxiety

Wellbeing and wellness

These segments are aspects of my life that I might want to improve. Presently, utilize your markers to allocate each segment to a shading. Start the evaluation by rating each segment from 0 to 10 with 0 being exceptionally low and 10 being extremely high. Making a legitimate appraisal will construct the establishment to assist you with beginning carrying on with your level 10 life. On the following page of your shot, make a rundown of the segment titles recorded on your wheel of life. Give a concise note on how you can improve those zones in the up and coming weeks, months, and years.


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