Islamabad, Pakistan – US President Donald Trump has emphasized an idea to help intercede among India and Pakistan over the contested region of Kashmir, a move invited by Pakistan however which its neighbor has dismissed previously.

Trump made the offer while addressing the press close by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan before a two-sided meeting uninvolved of the World Economic Forum in the Swiss town of Davos on Tuesday.


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“We are discussing Kashmir and the connection to what is new with Pakistan and India,” said President Trump. “What’s more, on the off chance that we can help, we surely will help. We have been watching that and tailing it extremely, intently.”

Pakistan and India have battled two of their three wars since picking up autonomy from Britain in 1947 over the contested Himalayan locale of Kashmir, which both case in full yet manage separate pieces of.

Pressures have stayed intense since India passed a protected alteration in August a year ago, renouncing an uncommon status and self-rule for Indian-managed Kashmir and retaining it into the nation’s administration standard.

Prior in 2019, the two nations additionally battled a constrained military clash over Kashmir, leading air assaults on a one another’s area.


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