Love Island has done it once more. I’m not discussing the show causing “contention” or turning into the most-talked about arrangement in your office, however the reality it has started one more significant discussion. This time, about anti-conception medication. At the point when new expansion Rebecca entered the manor, a few watchers saw a square-formed mortar on her thigh. And keeping in mind that it could well be a nicotine fix, odds are the 21-year-old is wearing a prophylactic fix.

Very quickly, Twitter commenced. Shockingly, a few clients “disgraced” the Love Island candidate for setting out to flaunt contraception. A few ladies, be that as it may, were stunned they’d never known about the fix. “Frantic I’ve needed to get familiar with this through Love Island, as opposed to in school or the GP,” one individual tweeted. Another needed to know whether anybody had ever been offered the fix by their primary care physician.

On the off chance that you’ve never known about the clingy wonder or are hoping to locate an elective type of conception prevention, here’s all that you have to think about the preventative fix.

How it functions

Per the NHS, there is just one fix brand in the UK, and it passes by the name of Evra. Taking after a mortar, the fix gauges around 5 x 5 cm, states Family Planning Association (FPA). This preventative is like the consolidated pill in that it contains similar hormones โ€” estrogen and progestogen. Be that as it may, rather than being directed orally, the hormones enter the circulation system through the skin.

Love Island โคด๏ธ


ยท 20h

Rebecca wearing an anti-conception medication fix, surmise we recognize what she’s gone to the manor for lol. #LoveIsland

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Wtf is a conception prevention fix and why have I been depending on making sure to take a tablet for my entire life


2:51 AM – Jan 22, 2020

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How have I quite recently known about an anti-conception medication patch???? What am I doing here having poles stuck in my arm????


5:03 AM – Jan 22, 2020

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The fix attempts to forestall pregnancy in three different ways, expresses the NHS:

It stops ovulation every month

It thickens cervical bodily fluid, so sperm think that its harder to travel

It diminishes the coating of the belly, making it more uncertain that a prepared egg can embed

The fix can be applied anyplace, insofar as skin is dry and clean and doesn’t have a great deal of hair. Nonetheless, you ought to abstain from taking advantage of bosoms, any aggravated patches of skin, or regions that come into contact with tight apparel (thus why Rebecca’s presumable not wearing it under swimwear.) It’s additionally best to abstain from putting creams or moisturizers over the fix as this can make it tumble off, states sexual wellbeing philanthropy Brook.

Each fix is worn for seven days before being changed. Following three weeks, you have seven days off and, in this fix free week, you may encounter a withdrawal drain.

At the point when originally recommended with the fix, you’ll be allowed a three-month supply. As indicated by the NHS, it promptly shields from pregnancy if first utilized between the first and fifth day of your period. In the event that originally utilized after this, utilization extra contraception, for example, condoms, for seven days.


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