Japanese police have reported an examination concerning a previous mailman who kept a huge number of undelivered things at his home.

Specialists found around 24,000 bits of mail at the man’s home in Kanagawa, close to Tokyo.

The anonymous 61-year-old purportedly said it was “an excessive amount of try to convey them,” and that he would not like to appear to be less capable than his more youthful associates.

Yokohama’s mail station has apologized and vowed to convey all the post.

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The branch – where the man filled in as head of conveyance, Kyodo News reports – became suspicious a year ago after an interior check. The man admitted to the claim and was terminated.

Specialists at that point held up a criminal grumbling with police, alluding to around 1,000 missing conveyances between February 2017 and November a year ago.

Reports anyway propose that the previous mailman has been keeping mail at his home since 2003.

Whenever sentenced, he faces as long as three years in prison, or a fine of around 500,000 yen ($4,600; £3,500).


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