In the event that you’ve at any point chosen to heat a plate of treats, the impulse to eat that flavorful treat batter is once in a while just a lot to endure. Ben and Jerry’s took that craving to an altogether new level and blended those glorious lumps into some velvety vanilla frozen yogurt. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which I were to disclose to you that B&J’s are going to discharge those great globs of batter in minimal snackable pieces. I know, I can’t contain my fervor either, so where to purchase Ben and Jerry’s Snackable Cookie Dough in the UK?

After over a time of pausing and needing, the day has at long last shown up. ASDA has declared that it’ll be selling 170g packs of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate chip treat mixture pieces. Everybody knows the best piece of treat mixture frozen yogurt is overly sweet treat lumps and now you don’t need to delve around in the tub for them.

The packs will hamper you £3.99 and you’ll have to store the sweet treats in the cooler. Ben and Jerry’s says you can eat them all alone or top them on pretty much anything to make whatever you’re eating limitlessly better.

The treats were first discharged in the origin of everything B&J’s, Vermont, in 2018. Also, for those that live right now, are frequently honored with all the new flavors and creations that the organization invokes, including these favored snackable treat lumps accessible in the great Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.


At the point when UK fans got wind that the chocolate chip treat mixture pieces were prepared and accessible to purchase in ASDA, they took to online life to spread the news. One individual expressed, “Seriously needing a couple of Ben and Jerry’s treat mixture lumps somebody sort a young lady out,” while another stated, “I could really shout. I truly simply eat the treat mixture frozen yogurt for the treat batter.”

Before they discharged their new treat batter lump treats around the world, B&J’s conveyed analyzer bundles to a determination of “foodstagrammers,” including Junk Banter and Snack Betch.

Thus, following year and a half of pausing, you can at long last cuddle down on the couch, trench the delving around in a tub of dessert, and simply appreciate some treat mixture lumps. Paradise.


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