Regardless of whether you’d view yourself as an expert in everything Love Island or are quick to keep away from it no matter what, the buzz around each season is unavoidable. For some TV stans, it’s the feature of their year and photographs of Margot Robbie fan girling over Love Islanders makes it quite clear which camp she’s in.

The previous evening, while Robbie strolled the brilliant yellow floor covering at the Birds Of Prey London debut, two amusement universes impacted: Hollywood and unscripted television. Demonstrating that she’s essentially any of us, Robbie zoomed directly over to previous Love Islanders in participation, Michael Griffiths, Lucie Donlan, and Jordan Hames and started taking selfies and kidding around with the gathering, having all the earmarks of being absolutely pleased by their “talk.”

Robbie has admitted in the past that, notwithstanding her star power, she’s similarly as taken in by Love Island as all of us. Addressing Heat in July of a year ago, the on-screen character conceded how energized she was when previous islander Dr Alex referenced her name during a scene. She even said at that point, “I’m behind on [the show] right now and it gives me nervousness.”

Robbie is demonstrating a completely unique side to Gotham City’s most dearest trouble maker in Birds Of Prey. Harley Quinn is leaving her damaging association with the Joker and searching for a new beginning. En route, unfit to maintain a strategic distance from inconvenience, she meets a ragtag pack of kickass ladies and together they unleash an entire bundle of destruction.


As indicated by reports, Robbie really pitched the thought for Birds Of Prey to Warner Bros in 2015, roused by her everyday life encompassed by astounding ladies. Addressing Screenrant, she stated: “It was insane to me that I hadn’t generally found a workable pace of a female troupe on screen.”



Who knows, possibly whenever she’s on screen with a lot of female powerhouses it will be in the young lady’s changing area on Love Island?


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