KARACHI: PNS RAH NAWARD, the main Tall ship of Pakistan Navy, finished with Kashmiri banners and notices about Kashmir, directed a journey. The journey was planned for communicating solidarity with individuals of Kashmir and to display support for their opportunity battle.

Understudies from Bahria College Karachi while reciting national tunes in a state of harmony with PN Band say goodbye to the ship. While traveling through ocean, PN Fleet units in harbor led men and cheer ship to show solidarity and kinship with Kashimiri siblings.

Skipper Shahid Rafique, Commander 21st Auxiliary Squadron advised media faculty about PN endeavors to feature Kashmir issue at national and universal level through maritime strategy.

He educated the crowd that Chief of the Naval staff Admiral Zafar Mehmood Abbasi has been featuring Pakistans position on Kashmir issue at different events. During different events, the Naval Chief has repeated that Pakistan will bolster Kashmiris battle on good, conciliatory and lawful grounds and has underlined that the world must help their entitlement to self assurance.


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