Pakistanis over the world are watching Kashmir Solidarity Day today on the side of Kashmiri individuals’ battle for their entitlement to self-assurance under United Nations goals.

This is the first run through the day is being seen after India singularly denied the extraordinary status of involved Kashmir in August a year ago.

Leader Imran Khan will address an extraordinary session of Azad Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly in Muzaffarabad to communicate solidarity with the persecuted Kashmiris.

Human chains will likewise be framed at Kohala, Mangla, Holar and Azad Pattan point that connection Pakistan with Azad Kashmir, while rallies, open gatherings, and workshops will likewise be held the nation over, including Azad Kashmir to draw the consideration of the world network towards grave human rights infringement and brutalities against guiltless Kashmiris by the Indian powers.

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Pakistan submits notice to UN Resident Coordinator

Unique Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcast Firdous Ashiq Awan submitted two goals to the United Nations office in Islamabad to draw the body’s consideration towards the barefaced human rights infringement in the involved valley, detailed Radio Pakistan. The goals was submitted after an assembly was taken out in Islamabad today to communicate solidarity with the persecuted Kashmiris.

Ladies from various sections of the general public incorporating the parliamentarians took an interest in the assembly and brought trademarks up on the side of Kashmiri individuals and against the Indian barbarities.

Talking on the event, Awan said the involved valley has been transformed into the world’s greatest jail by the Indian powers. She lamented that the essential privileges of the Kashmiri individuals are being stomped on upon in complete infringement of global laws.

President Alvi, PM Imran send messages of help

President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan, in their different messages, reaffirmed Pakistan’s “determined help” for Kashmiris who have been exposed to a heartless lockdown and interchanges barricade since August 5.

President Alvi commented it has been a skirmish of expectation against overpowering chances, of boldness against dread, and penance against oppression; however through every last bit of it, the Kashmiri individuals have persevered, tenacious and pleased like they have consistently been, to deny India the unreasonable satisfaction of enslaving them.

“On August 5, India acquitted itself of the last falsification of class and equity be attempting to deny the Kashmiri individuals of their very personality. Through its unlawful and one-sided activities of August 5 2019, India straightforwardly negated the important United Nations Security Council Resolutions and attempted to additionally brutalize the Kashmiri individuals and take extra measures to deny them their genuine right to self-assurance as guaranteed by the global network through those goals,” said the president

President Alvi noticed that through such activities India’s has uncovered itself as a “hoax vote based system” before the universal network. He added that Islamabad will keep on raising the issue of Kashmir at each accessible discussion.

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“India’s unlawful activities of August 5 have additionally reinforced the bond between the individuals of Indian involved Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan,” noticed the president.


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