On Monday (Feb. 3), Pixar praised an achievement: their 34th commemoration. What began as a division of LucasFilm has gotten one of the most conspicuous movement studios to date, molding a great many childhoods all the while. To celebrate this commemoration, Disney+ shared a video loaded with Pixar easter eggs, which somehow or another affirms the complex “shared universe hypothesis” that the studio’s fans have for quite some time been bantering over.

“The scrupulousness here is INCREDIBLE,” Disney+ inscribed the video on Twitter. “We must choose the option to stan — and stream — @Pixar! Cheerful commemoration to the notable studio.”

The video shows a bunch of easter eggs fans may have missed across 21 Pixar films, including an appearance from Toy Story’s Jessie and Finding Nemo’s eponymous star in Monster’s Inc, a Lots-O’Huggin’ Bear in the realm of Up (alongside the Pixar ball), and a kid perusing an Incredibles comic in a dental specialist sitting area in Finding Nemo.

This video gave fans a ton to be amped up for. As Hypebeast expresses, “fans have been fixated on hypotheses that the Pixar motion pictures are set in an imaginary world,” and are connected a long ways past the odd concealed detail to a great extent. In the event that you search ‘Pixar Theory’ on the web, you’ll be met with several video papers, articles, the odd proposition or two, and even a website completely committed to clarifying how the Pixar universe spins around two of its most famous characters — Sully and Boo from Monsters, Inc.



The tender loving care here is INCREDIBLE. We must choose the option to stan—and stream—@Pixar! Glad Anniversary to the famous studio.

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7:30 PM – Feb 3, 2020

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Essentially, one strand of the hypothesis goes this way: after Sully leaves Boo in Monsters, Inc., she gets resolved to discover him once more. This prompts her turning into a time-traveling witch who can saddle enchantment (for example the witch in Brave). This at that point makes a lot of occasions occur all through the Pixar universe. On the off chance that you look carefully in the witches cabin in Brave, you’ll see a wood cutting of Sully, which got one of the primary impetuses for this hypothesis in any case.


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