Saudi Arabia has apparently turned down Islamabad’s offered to assemble a conference of top Muslim representatives on the contested region of Kashmir.

Pakistan is looking for a prompt session of the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), considered one of the most significant stages where the 57-part body talks about significant issues.

Indian media rushed to hop on the story with features saying how Pakistan has been ‘censured’ and ‘dismissed’ by the Saudis.

“There’s been a move in the non-verbal communication of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Gulf nations as of late,” says Khalid Rahman, the head of Islamabad-based research organization Institute of Policy Studies.

The two India and Pakistan control portions of the Himalayan area of Kashmir. In any case, in August a year ago, New Delhi took self-rule from the domain, starting fights in the midst of fears that it will change the demography of the main Muslim-greater part Indian state.

The district has been under a security crackdown and data barricade since August a year ago.

In excess of 12 million individuals are cut off from the remainder of the world as web access stays suspended for more often than not.

Pakistan has attempted to point out worldwide the predicament of the Kashmiris. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Pakistan’s long-standing partners – have not been persevering in their help over Kashmir, specialists state.

“Be that as it may, it’s not just limited to Kashmir. It needs to with their general methodology towards the locale. Take Palestine for instance, and you’d see that the old position isn’t there,” Rahman says.


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