I was flipping through different Pakistani news channels this week. A few of them were communicating recordings made by different Pakistanis, the two children and grown-ups, communicating solidarity with Kashmir. The theme was the February 5 recognition of the Kashmir Solidarity Day. This year the day holds an extraordinary centrality since it is the first after the Indian extension of the involved valley. Pakistan is tirelessly telling the Kashmiris that it remains with them against India. It resembles marking a check of a record that has no cash or strenuously offering lunch to a meeting visitor during Ramazan.

Some way or another, in all the recordings, alongside verbal articulations of solidarity, there were these hand signals that were obviously suggestive of a computer game I used to play as a child. It was called Street Fighter where two warriors battled by specific standards. In practically all the duels, there used to be a few people out of sight who consistently cheered with comparable hand signals.

The entertaining part was that when one warrior would go down in the duel, they all despite everything cheered. What was considerably more amusing was that paying little mind to which warrior went down, the cheering and the hand motions propped up as though they had no top choice. Those little computer game individuals were there just to cheer with no importance. They were cheering since they were modified to do as such.

Numerous years back, I had the chance to watch a similar conduct in Peshawar, not by computer game characters, but instead by genuine people with genuine fragile living creature and blood. Those were dissidents who walked on the streets against the production of godless cartoons of our cherished Holy Prophet Mohammad (harmony arrive) by the Danish paper, Jyllands-Posten. The nonconformists harmed the property of individuals who had no association or compassion at all with the individuals who drew or distributed the exaggerations. To top it all off, a considerable lot of the protestors didn’t have the foggiest idea why they were on a vandalizing binge. Somebody had remarked properly at the time that decimating Pakistan was excessively simple; simply concoct some profane drawings and Pakistanis will transform their nation into remains.

It profoundly disheartens me to understand that we in Pakistan vandalize without significance. Also, we cheer, which has no importance as well. India has effectively attached Kashmir. Pakistan is occupied with watching solidarity days and India is forcefully saber-shaking by taking steps to come after Pakistan’s meager bit of Kashmir. Consider me a war hawk or whatever else you may like yet just a wicked nose will give India a similar flying feathered creatures that used to fly over the leader of the contender in Street Fighter who might be beaten really terrible.

While imagery is incredible, it is distant from everyone else insufficient. Country states are made with and inhale with a philosophy however they make due with beast power. Now and then countries must do the incomprehensible to ensure what’s the dearest. Also, that isn’t only Kashmir here yet the regard and nobility of Pakistan. This is about the appropriation of the Indian demonstrations of animosity against Pakistan. Broadcasting recordings made with phone cameras delineating the euphoric Pakistani temperament won’t do the enchantment. Modi won’t leave Kashmir since we currently have a melody that says India Jaa Kashmir Se Nikal Jaa, which means Go India Go, Leave Kashmir.

While each contender in the Street Fighter consistently recovered another opportunity to battle and attempt to win, Pakistan may not be so fortunate on the off chance that it draws fulfillment from singing melodies and broadcasting natively constructed recordings. We are just tricking ourselves by empowering a culture of detachment by means of mobile phone activism. Allow us to trust and supplicate that Imran Khan doesn’t stretch out another harmony motion to India. He can go on the world stage aworld stage and congratulate Canada and Vietnam as model neighbours or whichever set of distant countries that in his mind might share borders. The faux pas wouldn’t affect national security but the peace gestures would, and they have.


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