MIRPUR/RAWALPINDI: Expressing Pakistan’s firm determination to never surrender the Kashmiris, Prime Minister Imran Khan cautioned Indian Prime Minister Modi on Thursday that any further misfortune against Pakistan would be the last one.

Tending to a mammoth open assembly on Thursday taken out in solidarity with the Kashmiri brethren in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) confronting ceaseless detainment throughout the previous 185 days, Imran said haughty Modi submitted a bungle by making the August 5 unlawful stride and singularly disavowing the exceptional status of Jammu and Kashmir. The meeting members, including men, ladies and youngsters, raised mottos against the Indian abominations in IOK and waved banners of Kashmir and Pakistan as an image of solidarity.

The executive said Modi’s degree appeared to be phony and he expected to catch up on history. He repelled Modi’s announcement guaranteeing capacity to overcome Pakistan in 11 days. He said the pioneers indicating such hubris and vainglory in the past constantly confronted destruction and gave the instances of Adolf Hitler and Napoleon and of US powers in the Afghan war and in Vietnam. “Narendra Modi, the announcement you and the Indian Army boss gave about this nation, this is my message to you both — you have just committed an error on August 5. Simply recall, each resident of this 200 million-in number country, down to the last kid, will battle to their final gasp.

“We will give you how we can battle. Our military is all around perceived and fight solidified. Our kin are God-dreading […] none of us fears passing. “In the event that you are under the bogus impression that you will make any move against Pakistan to reinforce your Hindu voter base, it will be the last error you make,” said the head in a grave notice to his Indian partner.

Imran said Pakistan could never disregard Kashmiris and vowed that he himself would consistently battle the case as their envoy. He said Pakistan was a tranquil nation yet never dreaded battling persecution whenever constrained on it. Imran said Pakistan was equipped for winning intense wars including the battle against fear based oppression with its fight solidified military, which consistently battled with enthusiasm and confidence in Allah Almighty. He said at whatever point individuals in Indian Occupied Kashmir required assistance, whole Pakistan would be prepared to help them.


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