Legislature of India has taken two fundamental activities on 5 August and 31 October 2019 against the natural surroundings and the individuals put under her transitory organization. We appear to have exaggerated (as a real concern) the activity of 5 August 2019 of putting the individuals under check in time and detaching them from rest of the world and have missed the seriousness of the second activity of 31 October 2019, when India eviscerated the State into Union Territories, added them with the Union of India and chose to savage the governmental issues, history, culture and demography of Kashmir without precedent for the most recent 174 years of the battle of the individuals.

Curfews have stayed a standard component in the lives of the individuals. However, the activity of 31 October 2019, is exceptional. India has walked out on the work completed under UNCIP goals of 13 August 1948, which set down three phases in the settlement of the question: end of threats, association of the ceasefire by neutralization of the considerable number of domains concerned, and association of the plebiscite. It has walked out on its respective and multi-sidelong commitment with Pakistan, on the concurred arrangement of the privilege of self-assurance of the individuals of Kashmir.

The issue isn’t the CURFEW yet the DISMEMEBERMENT of the State and breaking the vow made at the 242nd gathering of the Security Council hung on 6 February 1948, when the Indian agent emphasized, “What India had said : was, Kashmir offered her increase during a period of danger to her, and we will not hold her to this offer. We will acknowledge it currently, yet will leave it to her and her kin to adjust their perspectives and request to pull back from the promotion to India and to consent to Pakistan or stay free. On the off chance that Kashmir changes her brain, at that point we concede to the position that we will give our agree to her withdrawal from increase to India. That, as a result, is the position in question.”

The Government, its different offices, basically the outside office, Kashmir Committee, Parliament, Army and the individuals of Pakistan, have been tending to the loss of freedom and length of check in time. The second most significant activity of a ‘close to war’ against individuals of Kashmir and Pakistan by one way or another has not gotten the due consideration. It has not been disclosed to individuals at home and the United Nations, which keeps on managing the truce line since January 1949.

We have a reaction from the Government of Pakistan. Leader of Pakistan has made an exceptionally solid body of evidence against the fundamentalist plan of RSS and has capably stripped Modi bare of all his expected ‘poise’ as leader of a majority rule State. It has been finished with strategy and profound energy as a pioneer. In any case, his two visits to Muzaffarabad and Mirpur and guidance to Azad Kashmir Government and the Hurriet to sit with remote office and concoct proposals, may not be the ideal answer.

Azad Kashmir Government ought to have an arrangement, ever prepared, for any such circumstances. If not it needs to consume mid-night oil for a crisis plan. What’s more Hurriet in Pakistan doesn’t speak to the character and style, recorded in the Hurriet Constitution received on 31 July 1993. It was a unified union at one point and had expedited India her knees. Lamentably, it didn’t have any game plan for any master and non-party contributions anytime in its history. All Hurriet delegates in Pakistan have stayed occupied with the battle in one structure or the other, yet every one of them may not be custom fitted to concoct a response to the test. Hurriet Pakistan part has the Hurriet Constitution as a guide and would need to connect with specialists, Kashmiri and non-Kashmiri, living in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and everywhere throughout the world for a counter methodology.

It is a solid counsel and the constituent components in the battle and the specialists will need to keep on commitment and organizing an arrangement. In any case, we may in any case be holding the light topsy turvy. We will need to return to medicinal estimates affirmed at the United Nations. The UN Security Council inclusion of August 2019 and January 2020, is a decent start.

We have to return to UN Security Council and look for cures as gave under the UN Package on Kashmir and UN Security Council Resolutions on Kashmir. Administration of Pakistan will need to illuminate the United Nations that Government of Azad Kashmir, has chosen to re-compose the Azad Kashmir Forces, which as per Indian articulation made at the 234th gathering of UN Security Council hung on 23 January 1948, were 65,000 officers and as indicated by the announcement made by Pakistan at the 235th gathering of the Security Council hung on 24 January 1948 were between 60,000 to 70,000 in number. These warriors had battled on the United Nations during the war.


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