Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs Andleeb Abbas Monday educated the National Assembly that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has completely embraced Pakistan’s position on Kashmir issue. Reacting to an inquiry during Question hour, she said the Kashmir issue was viably featured at OIC gathering and all individuals stretched out help to Pakistan’s position in the wake of unlawful and one-sided Indian activity of August 5.

She said that following illicit and one-sided Indian activity, the OIC met a crisis session of its Contract Group on Jammu Kashmir about Pakistan’s solicitation on August 6, 2019 because of which the OIC’s Independent Permanent Human Right Commission conveyed a solid proclamation censuring India’s abominations in IOJ&K.

The OIC had consistently been one of the principal and head multilateral gatherings and it had adequately featured the predicament of courageous Kashmiri individuals, she included.

Andleeb Abbas said in helpful area, Pakistan had been causing to notice the huge human rights infringement being executed by Indian powers in Occupied Kashmir.

She said that Pakistan had been utilizing an extensive three-pronged methodology to feature the Jammu and Kashmir debate under helpful, legitimate and security measurements.

In helpful area, she stated, Pakistan had been causing to notice net human rights infringement by Indian occupation powers in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K) in the course of recent decades.

“We have underscored that the gravity of the circumstance requests quick measures for complete lifting everything being equal, including correspondences bar, evacuation of media power outage, finishing detainments of Kashmiri administration, arrival of guiltless Kashmiris, expulsion of the limitations on development, tranquil get together and arrangement of nourishment and therapeutic supplies, and arrival of political detainees”, she included. She said Pakistan had likewise firmly raised the issue of Hindututva-related radicalism in India under the RSS-propelled BJP system.

She said in the lawful area, Pakistan has been causing to notice its solid case dependent on the United Nations Security Council Resolutions that perceived the real right to self-assurance of the Kashmiri individuals. Reacting to another inquiry she stated, there were 308 Pakistani detainees in different prisons across Afghanistan. Since 2018, she said 52 Pakistanis had been discharged from Afghan jails and repatriated to Pakistan.


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