Conspicuous Kashmiri pioneer, Mishal Malik said on Tuesday that India is chipping away at an arrangement to change by and large the demography of Kashmir in the following five years and afterward to consent to hold a plebiscite so as to get the ideal outcomes.

She said this while talking at a four-day workshop on “Modi’s Hindutva strategy, draining Kashmir, and the reaction of Pakistani media” composed by Pakistan Broadcasting Academy (PBA) here in a joint effort with the PTV, APP and the National Press Club.

She regretted that after disavowal of uncommon status of Kashmir on August 5, India has rendered the Kashmiri individuals outsiders in their own country. Non-state subjects are being settled in Kashmir on the example of Israeli pilgrims in Palestine, she said including that each sort of severe methods are being applied for this reason.

Mishal Malik said that the Indian powers had been utilizing assault and attack as a weapon of war against the Kashmiris. A huge number of Kashmiri individuals have been martyred, disfigured, detained, rendered impaired and stranded up until this point.

Alluding to solid and interweaved bonds among Pakistan and Kashmir, she said that both Pakistan and Kashmir were associated, and their endurance was connected to one another’s endurance. Along these lines, it is compulsory for each pakistani to help the Kashmir cause, she said and included that media owes the best obligation right now.

Paying extraordinary respect to the dad of the country, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, unmistakable Kashmiri pioneer said that he was an incredible imagined pioneer and he had legitimately depicted Kashmir as the jugular vein of Pakistan. Such a pioneer has been created by the contemporary history, she included.

Mishal Malik said that media including print, electronic and online life are effectively arguing the Kashmir issue from their separate stages to acclimate their individual crowd with the genuine point of view of Kashmir issue, the pessimistic ramifications of Modi’s Hindutva on the social structure holding the system together, the bare human rights infringement Indian powers have released against the unprotected Kashmiri individuals. Right now, especially focused on the projection of Kashmir cause in the global media through articles, reports and meetings.


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