A week ago, by and by, Pakistan commended the twentieth Kashmir Solidarity Day. Past all the chimes and rings, the discourses and walks, the overflowing of feelings the issue stands uncertain, it stews, bites the dust, rises like a phoenix and perishes. What’s more, it rehashes, every last bit, all things considered, over once more.

They state the land and things you don’t have are in every case increasingly lovely, more magnificent than the land you have and the things you claim. This past ‘grass is constantly greener on the opposite side of the fence’ attitude despite everything influences our sort.

India doesn’t ‘have’ the entirety of Kashmir. Pakistan also hasn’t liberated the entire of Kashmir. The Kashmiris live incredible possess their homeland. The wall and spiked wires along the LoC has made the grass turn more crimson on the opposite side. Recognition breeds scorn, goes another old aphorism. Be that as it may, it also is dependent upon specific exemptions. Pakistanis of all kind spread over different ages have been intensely acquainted with the Kashmir issue and unlimited travails its occupants daring throughout each and every day. The world everywhere has obviously built up an ‘in any case’ demeanor and lost enthusiasm for the opportunity battle of in excess of 14 million individuals. However the people of Pakistan haven’t made a stride once again from supporting their brethren under attack. The recognition to carnage, dread and dread in Kashmir has just reared sympathy during recent decades.

Since the schedule, our intrigue of monitoring time marks long periods of merriments and grieving. For as far back as 28 years, February fifth has been reserved to be seen as Kashmir Day to show the world that Pakistan remains with the Kashmiris and supports their appropriate for self-assurance.

Since the schedule, our maneuver of monitoring time marks long stretches of merriments and grieving. For as far back as 28 years, February fifth has been reserved to be seen as Kashmir Day to show the world that Pakistan remains with the Kashmiris and supports their ideal for self-assurance.

The flags by the side of the road, discourses of government officials and researchers on the TV, gigantic assemblies in the capital, and meetings and workshops immersing the width and broadness of Pakistan repeat what should be emphasized again and again.

A year ago, I had a chance to meet individual writers from Kashmir. They landed in Pakistan when the high tempers after the suffering of Burhan Wani and the Uri occurrence were covered somewhat. ‘Among the stone pelting youth, many hail from wealthy families. They maintain their privately-owned companies and are accomplished. They are politically illuminated yet baffled with the occupation. They are neither radicals nor being paid by anybody to go up against the Indian armed force,’ said one of them over some tea. I detected from the discussion that the boundless misery has depleted even those of dread, the preeminent weapon in any oppressor’s quiver.

‘They battle like the youthful Palestinians, with stones. Many have lost their dread of death; they won’t give up, cheated by government officials at home, they are building up the freedom of soul that accompanies disengagement, and it won’t be effectively controlled,’ is the manner by which Tariq Ali, prominent student of history, writer and scholarly summarized the battle in his exposition ‘Not Crushed, Merely Ignored’.

The acknowledgment among the learned person, artistic and political circles of India also has arrived at the agreement that Kashmir has become an act of futility and if things don’t change the valley will be India’s Waterloo. Authors like Arundhati Roy, Tariq Ali, Angana P. Chatterji and generally pioneer of administering party BJP Yushwant Singh, previous account priest and present outsider, all agree that individuals of Jammu and Kashmir have lost their dread of Incredible India that has ‘done all that it could to subvert, stifle, speak to, distort, dishonor, decipher, threaten, buy, and basically snuff out the voice of the Kashmiri individuals’.


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