An enemy of psychological warfare court in Pakistan has condemned hardline Islamist minister Hafiz Mohammad Saeed to 11 years in prison for financing fear based oppressor activities.

The man blamed for engineering the 2008 Mumbai fear assaults that executed 161 individuals is to serve two five-and-a-half jail terms simultaneously.

Saeed has been needed by India for a considerable length of time, and is assigned as a worldwide psychological militant by both the UN and the US, which has a $10m abundance on his head. He’s the author of one of Pakistan’s biggest aggressor gatherings, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

So why has it taken such a long time to put him in a correctional facility – and will he remain there? The appropriate response is confused, not least by the way that Saeed is broadly known to have close connections with the Pakistani military.


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