Perhaps the best thing about Christmas 2019 was the arrival of Gavin and Stacey. Ruth Jones and James Corden may have taken a ten-year break, with the last scene of season three airing in January 2010, however the notable arrangement was greeted back by fans wholeheartedly. As we as a whole know at this point, the Christmas extraordinary was left on the cliffhanger to end all cliffhanger, yet James Corden has now said there are “no plans” for another arrangement at the present time.

Swapping Smithy’s tracksuit for a spruce two piece, Corden strolled honorary pathway at the 92nd Oscars function on Feb. 9. After the accomplishment of the Christmas uncommon and that closure, fans have been biting the dust to know whether the cast will be coming back to Barry Island for another arrangement. Be that as it may, he told the BBC, “I’m as a rule totally legitimate, there are no designs to do any more in light of the fact that a great deal of it is about time and separation. I think Ruth [Jones, his co-writer] and I, on the off chance that we ever would do any we approach it in a similar way we did the last one to attempt and take care of business all alone and check whether we believed we had something that wouldn’t demolish it.”

Needing to stop while they’re ahead is unquestionably a shrewd move yet what happens to Nessa and Smithy? Corden said fans may never discover. “It’s just fine individuals saying that they might want another, and that is massively complimenting, however they just need one that doesn’t discolor it in any capacity,” he said. “Along these lines, we’re going to truly attempt our best to consider it at any rate, however there’s no plans – as it stands at this moment – to ever make another.”

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As per the Guardian, 11.6 million individuals tuned Gavin and Stacey on Christmas Day, making it the most-viewed scripted TV program of the year. Corden composed the first arrangement and 2019’s irregular uncommon with Ruth Jones who has recently had a similar conclusion as Corden on whether the show will return. Talking at the National Television Awards she stated, “We don’t have any plans whatsoever. That is reality. We despite everything have a similar circumstance, which is that James and I live on various mainlands, so getting together to compose is exceptionally troublesome, so who knows? Right now there are no plans.”


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