A husband to be has been pursued from his own wedding by a furious group – after his first spouse landed to tell his new lady of the hour he was at that point wedded to not one, yet two other ladies.

Asif Rafiq Siddiqi, depicted as a hairy, robust man in his mid-30s, was pushed and slapped by the group, his shirt torn and his jeans tore in the savagery that followed the disclosure.

The husband to be, who wound up cringing under a transport, was spared by obscure individuals.

Polygamy is legitimate in Pakistan.

In any case, while a man can have upwards of four spouses, he should get the assent of his past wives before he weds once more.

Apparently Mr Siddiqi neglected to satisfy this basic advance, and the principal his new spouse and her family knew about his past relationships was the point at which an infuriated lady walked into the banqueting corridor in the seaside city of Karachi, where festivities were occurring.

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“What’s the issue sister?” one of the lady of the hour’s family members is heard soliciting on a video from the occasion.

The lady, Madiha Siddiqi, burned through no time in arriving at the point.

“He is my better half, and he is the dad of this kid. He disclosed to me he was going to Hyderabad for three days,” she affirmed. She was with a young man she said was their child.

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The wedding was hindered by a lady professing to be the first of his three spouses

The family at that point attempted to usher her into a side room, which allowed her the chance to bring up a greater amount of the individuals she asserts are her family members.

“That is my relative and that is my jethani [sister-in-law], who said her mom had been wiped out for three days and was on IV dribbles,” Mrs Siddqi proceeded, before going up against the love bird lady of the hour straightforwardly.

“Didn’t you realize that he was my significant other? He didn’t consider this blameless kid.”

In any case, it didn’t stop there: Ms Siddiqi said she had hitched the man of the hour in 2016, in the wake of meeting him at Karachi’s Federal Urdu University, where Mr Siddiqi is comprehended to work.

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At that point she uncovered he had covertly hitched his subsequent spouse, named as Zehra Ashraf, an educator at Jinnah Women’s University in Karachi, in 2018. The principal Mrs Siddiqi knew about that marriage was an instant message from her better half’s new spouse.

Mrs Siddiqi said Mr Siddiqi at first denied that spouse’s presence, however later conceded he had marry for a subsequent time.


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