On the off chance that you thought Olivia Colman’s 2019 Oscars discourse was critical, hold up until you hear her most recent one. At the film world’s most impressive night of the year, Colman sent the 2020 Oscars swarm into attacks of chuckles. Also, this time, she wasn’t even there to acknowledge an honor.

The 46-year-old — who won the 2019 Best Actress grant for her job in The Favorite — was welcome to the 2020 function to introduce the Best Actor grant. Before giving the brilliant statue to The Joker’s Joaquin Phoenix, Colman chose to flaunt her British comical inclination.

“Winning an Oscar ages you,” she started, alluding to her new light hair. “A year ago was the greatest night of my significant other’s life,” the star of The Crown kept, including: “He really says that. Furthermore, I’ve conceived an offspring multiple times. So I trust you’re all having as great a period as he did. What’s more, I did.”

In addition to the fact that Colman’s sexed joke cause Hollywood’s best to blast out giggling, it sent Twitter ablaze as well. “Olivia Colman is a living legend. That is all,” kept in touch with one fan, summarizing the sentiments of most Oscars watchers. “Olivia Coleman happily referencing her dynamic sexual coexistence on the Oscars organize: this is a sovereign’s vibe,” said another.


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