Scarcely any shows have an incredible multi generational draw as Strictly Come Dancing. The indicated has demonstrated a firm family most loved with an amazing 17 seasons added to its repertoire. Notwithstanding its national fortune status, be that as it may, there’s one part of the show that frequently gets a great deal of negative press: the Strictly Curse. Be that as it may, what precisely is this peculiar marvel, and who has been struck by it in the show’s history?

As per The Sun, the much-censured “revile” happens when big names and their sentimental accomplices separate because of serious preparing plans and the cozy connections worked between the hopefuls and their moving accomplices.

One couple who stood out as truly newsworthy for purportedly succumbing to the “revile” is previous victor Stacey Dooley and her ex Sam Tucknott, who cut off their association following Dooley’s time on the show. Since the separation, Dooley has been dating her previous moving accomplice Kevin Clifton. In April 2019, Tucknott discussed his hurt to The Sun, setting fault on not just the show (which he alluded to as “shabby”) yet additionally on Clifton. Accordingly, Dooley took to her Twitter account, stating “anybody with any grown-up life experience knows there are different sides to each story.”

Another separation that stands apart is that of Katya and Neil Jones. When the in the past cherished up pair split, many rushed to accuse the show, as Katya had recently been spotted kissing her at that point Strictly accomplice Seann Walsh. Walsh’s then sweetheart Rebecca Humphries parted ways with him following the media storm, referencing her doubts that something was going on between the pair during creation.

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Other separations credited to Strictly all through its 17-arrangement history incorporate Louise Redknapp and her significant other Jami and Daisy Lowe and her beau Bradley Wade, among others.


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