ISLAMABAD – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Friday said that the issue of Kashmir can be illuminated distinctly on a ‘fair and evenhanded premise’s instead of through clash and persecution.

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“Turkey will keep on remaining in favor of equity, harmony and arrangement through discourse concerning the Kashmir question,” said Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, in his fourth location to a joint session of the parliament here.

In his around half-hour discourse, the Turkish President discussed the Pak-Turkey joint guide of advancement and thriving, Turkey’s help for Kashmir cause and requirement for solidarity among Islamic nations to battle regular difficulties including neediness and Islamophobia.

PM Imran Khan, Chairman PPP-P Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, PML-N’s parliamentary pioneer Khwaja Muhammad Asif and different officials from the two sides of passageway over and over pounded work areas during the discourse of Turkish President.

The Turkish President said Kashmirii siblings have been living under troublesome conditions throughout the years. “Our siblings in Kashmir have been languishing over decades,” he said. He said that denying the Kashmiris of their opportunity and usurping their privileges isn’t to anyone’s greatest advantage.

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“Occasions that happened a hundred of years back in Çanakkale in Turkey are being rehashed in Indian involved Kashmir and Turkey will keep on raising its voice against the mistreatment,” he said.

He praised Pakistan’s sure commitment to Afghanistan’s tranquility procedure. “Turkey offers help, as vital, during this procedure to Pakistan and Afghanistan, who are both loving nations for us,” he said.

About the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), he repeated his nation’s help for Pakistan in the FATF meeting. “I need to accentuate that Turkey will bolster Pakistan, which is dependent upon political weight in the FATF gatherings,” he said.

He stated, “We will keep on remaining by Pakistan in future, as in the past….We will bolster Pakistan, which is planned to be put under political tension at the Financial Action Task Force gatherings which is a present issue.”

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Erdogan offered this remark in front of a FATF meeting in Paris that will choose Pakistan’s solicitation to be removed its dim rundown of rebellious states.

The Turkish President, dismissing the US Middle East harmony plan, commented it’s anything but a harmony plan yet is planned for possessing the Palestinian domain. He said Turkey has emphatically responded to the Middle East arrangement and it will adhere to it.

Hailing Pakistan’s endeavors in the war on fear mongering, the Turkish President said the threat has extraordinarily influenced the nation.

He said that they were completely perceptive of the issues of Pakistan and would expand full participation. He said Pakistan has much experienced the dangers in the locale, fear based oppression and the contentions.

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“As a nation battling against psychological warfare for thirty-five years and being at the objective of the most savage associations of the world from DAESH, PKK to FETO, we comprehend the difficulties that Pakistan experiences. We will keep on supporting Pakistan in its battle against fear mongering,” he said.

Erdogan communicated fulfillment that Pakistan is pushing ahead on the way of progress and flourishing. He was sure that Pakistan will before long understand the products of this improvement.

He stated, “We will all things considered push ahead to upgrade our monetary organization. This kinship did not depend on any intrigue yet simply love and fondness.”

He said his nation stretched out full help to Pakistan during floods and different catastrophes. “Pakistan additionally end up being a genuine companion during troublesome occasions on Turkey,” he said.


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