The Windrush Scandal was a dim time for this nation; crushing lives and tearing families separated, but then, we’re here once more. Prior this week, the Home Office proceeded with an expelling trip to Jamaica, regardless of a very late court administering. Seeing these situations develop have left me feeling like this nation is making a precious stone understood judgment on who has a place here and who doesn’t. I can’t resist the urge to think dark and darker individuals’ citizenship in the UK will consistently accompany an admonition, and could be stripped immediately.

My grandparents are a piece of the Windrush age. They moved here as youthful grown-ups and committed their working lives to this current nation’s economy. They are the explanation I have the existence I do today. I was brought up here, and it remains the main spot I have called home, yet, I don’t generally feel like I really have a place.

The way that the flight took off in any case – before the Lessons Learned Review of the administration’s past slip-ups has even been distributed, not to mention considered – is unnerving and sets a perilous point of reference. A few prisoners didn’t approach lawful exhortation (which they are qualified for) because of known issues with telephone poles by confinement focuses. It drives me to address who finds a workable pace resident? Do dark lives make a difference by any means?

David Lammy


The #Jamaica50 flight left at the beginning of today. It is a shock that the administration ousts individuals who landed in the UK as youngsters to nations they don’t have a clue. We should not surrender this battle.

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12:57 PM – Feb 11, 2020

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More than 170 Members of Parliament sent a letter to the Prime Minister against the arranged extradition, however the Home Office held fast, expressing the outlined flight was “explicitly for ousting remote national guilty parties. Those kept had been indicted for homicide, assault, fierce wrongdoing and managing Class-A medications,” the announcement read. As though to state that this choice was taken to keep the open safe, and British residents don’t likewise carry out these violations.

Similarly as with the Windrush Scandal before it, the people on that flight are being torn away from their families and home, adequately being ousted to a nation they have no genuine connections to and haven’t lived in since youth. For me, it represents how little the UK appears to think about individuals who seem as though me.

Past the mercilessness and injury of expelling, this is truly a capital punishment for a few. In addition to the fact that Jamaica has the second-most noteworthy homicide rate on the planet, yet there is as of now a point of reference for men extradited from the UK being killed there, according to The Guardian’s report a year ago.


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