As an individual from the world’s most well known boyband, Harry Styles’ design decisions were quite not the same as the rest. Be that as it may, since the gathering’s part, the 26-year-old has truly built up a preference for vintage periods. Gone are the thin pants and plain T-shirts; in come the silky shirts, pussybow ties, and surging pants. While Styles ought to be only adulated for his capacity to avoid patterns, it’s difficult to disregard his propensity for film-related design. So here’s a couple of events where Styles has dressed precisely like your preferred motion picture characters.

At the 2020 BRIT Awards, the “Watermelon Sugar” artist’s preference for the big screen was spotted more than once. He initially showed up on honorary pathway in a Willy Wonka-esque suit, changing things up for a striking ribbon Gucci search for his independent execution, and a splendid yellow two-piece that Austin Powers would have been glad to possess.

Before, Styles has copied everybody from Disney characters to religion symbols. His unsettled pullovers behold back to privateer stories and the 1986 dream film Labyrinth. At that point there’s his adoration for ultra sparkly textures, à la Derek Zoolander. Furthermore, who can overlook the low profile jumpsuit that simply must be motivated by ABBA?

Here’s multiple times Styles’ film references were plain to see. May there be bounty more in the years to come.

  1. Austin Powers

Harry Styles’ Marc Jacobs Brits outfit appeared as though Austin Powers’ ostentatious looks

Neil Mockford/Ricky Vigil M/GC Images/Getty Images

Harry Styles’ 2020 Brits outfit looked like ’90s character Austin Powers

Dusk Boulevard/Corbis Historical/Getty Images

Harry’s style has been compared to ’90s sensation Austin Powers on numerous an event, however his third take a gander at the 2020 BRIT Awards couldn’t have been progressively awesome, child. Wearing an energetic yellow Marc Jacobs suit enhanced with a purple pussybow tie, Styles absolutely dazzled the room.

  1. Willy Wonka

Harry Styles wore a dark colored Gucci suit to the 2020 Brits that was compared to Willy Wonka’s look

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

Harry Styles’ 2020 Brits honorary pathway look took after Willy Wonka

Wolper/Warner Bros/Kobal/Shutterstock

Styles’ honorary pathway take a gander at the 2020 BRITs was substantially more mitigated, however it still payed reverence to a very much cherished character (while making a fashion tribute to his companion and the previous Love Island moderator Caroline Flack, as well). The 26-year-old’s darker Gucci suit and purple sew presented genuine Willy Wonka vibes (Johnny Depp or Gene Wilder, take your pick). The pearl necklace around his neck and Mary Janes included a Wonka-esque ostentatious completion.

  1. Skipper Hook

Harry Styles’ 2017 precious stone Gucci suit looked like Peter Pan’s Captain Hook

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Harry Styles’ diamong Gucci suit firmly took after Captain Hook’s unsettled look

LMPC/LMPC/Getty Images

The well known precious stone print Gucci suit worn at the 2017 iHeart Radio Music Festival could have effectively ended up in a revamp of Peter Pan. Skipper Hook would have been exceptionally jealous of Styles’ mega pussybow.

  1. Derek Zoolander

Harry Styles wore a sparkling suit for the Copenhagen date of his 2018 visit

PYMCA/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Harry Styles’ sparkly Copenhagen suit appeared as though this gleaming number worn by Derek Zoolander

Melinda Sue Gordon/Paramount/Nvp/Red Hour/Village R’Show/Kobal/Shutterstock

You didn’t figure Styles would escape without a solitary Zoolander reference, did you? Ben Stiller’s main character’s glossy suit is an exemplary extravagant dress outfit, so it’s no big surprise Styles’ sparkling Gucci suit from his 2018 Copenhagen visit date seemed to be comparable.

  1. Jareth, the Goblin King

Harry Styles wore a flouncy shirt and petticoat for his Amsterdam visit date

Instagram/Harry Styles

The style of David Bowie’s Labyrinth character has been referenced by Harry Styles

Moviestore Collection/Shutterstock

Another visit stop saw Styles act in Amsterdam. This time, he picked another flouncy look. With unsettled sleeves and a differentiating petticoat, the artist was a carbon copy of David Bowie’s popular Labyrinth character. It can’t be an occurrence that Styles refered to Bowie as an impact in his 2019 Rolling Stones spread meeting.

  1. The ‘Mamma Mia’ Men

Harry Styles wore a Mamma Mia-esque denim jumpsuit for the 2019 Jingle Bell Ball

Isabel Infantes – PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Harry Styles’ denim jumpsuit looks entirely like the Mamma Mia male characters’ finale looks


How might you see Styles’ chest-uncovering denim jumpsuit and not quickly think about the end scene from Mamma Mia? Wearing the shimmering piece to the 2019 Jingle Bell Ball, the previous One Directioner had the joined demeanor of Sam Carmichael (Pierce Brosnan), Harry Bright (Colin Firth), and Bill Anderson (Stellan Skarsgard). ABBA, check this out.

  1. Imprint Darcy

Harry Styles’ sheep sweater vest could have been worn by Bridget Jones’ Mark Darcy

Robert Kamau/GC Images/Getty Images

Harry Styles’ knitwear style unmistakably gives proper respect to Bridget Jones’ Mark Darcy


At the point when Styles ventured out wearing a sheep sweater vest, the vast majority compared the retro piece to Princess Diana’s comparative style. Yet, everything I could picture was Bridget Jones’ Mark Darcy (once more, played by Firth) and his affinity for recoil commendable sews.


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