Representative Bernie Sanders is enduring an onslaught from rival US Democrats as he concretes his situation as a leader to take on Donald Trump in November’s political decision.

Seven competitors will banter in South Carolina on Tuesday, only days before the state turns into the fourth to decide on the gathering’s chosen one.

A few have propelled crisp assault promotions on Mr Sanders, who they see as too left-wing to win against Mr Trump.

The current leader recognizes himself as a “just communist”.

In front of the tenth discussion of the 2020 political decision cycle, Pete Buttigieg, Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden all discharged promotions focusing on Mr Sanders decades-long record in the US Senate.

Some of Mr Sanders’ mark battle arrangements -, for example, government-gave human services, all inclusive childcare and free college degree – have been censured by pundits as excessively costly and prone to estrange US voters.


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