A Chinese court has condemned Hong Kong book shop Gui Minhai to 10 years in prison for “illicitly giving knowledge abroad”.

Mr Gui, who holds Swedish citizenship, has been in and out of Chinese confinement since 2015, when he disappeared during a vacation in Thailand.

He is known to have recently distributed books on the individual existences of Chinese Communist Party individuals.

Rights bunches denounced the “unforgiving sentence” and required his discharge.

He was one of five proprietors of a little book shop in Hong Kong who disappeared in 2015. It later developed that they had been taken to China. Four were later liberated, yet Mr Gui stayed in Chinese detainment.

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In conveying its decision, the Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court said that his Chinese citizenship had been reestablished in 2018. China doesn’t perceive double citizenship.

Sweden’s remote clergyman on Tuesday called for Mr Gui’s discharge, alluding to him a “resident”.

“We have not approached the preliminary,” said Ann Linde in a tweet. “[We] request that Gui be discharged and that we approach our residents to offer consular help.”

Yet, as per a Reuters report, a Chinese remote service representative said consular courses of action had been required to be postponed due to the most recent coronavirus flare-up, and would be reestablished once the medical issue was “settled”.

Zhao Lijian included that Mr Gui’s “privileges and interests… [had] been completely ensured”.

Human rights bunch Amnesty International on Tuesday likewise called for Mr Gui to be discharged promptly and said the charges were “totally unverified”.


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