The Star Wars spin-off set of three might be done, yet it’s just the start for its breakout stars. For Daisy Ridley’s first post-Star Wars job, she won’t leave the cosmic system at this time, however she’ll be significantly nearer to home. The on-screen character will portray an IMAX narrative on the marvels — and risks — of space rocks, appropriately titled Asteroid Hunters.

An instructive narrative, Asteroid Hunters will take crowds on an excursion into profound space “for a captivating take a gander at space rocks, their inestimable causes and the potential risk they posture to our reality,” IMAX composes. The last part sounds somewhat overwhelming, yet there’s no denying that it is so intriguing to consider these enormous bits of rock simply drifting around in space.

The film additionally gives an understanding into how space rocks are explored back on Earth and will illustrate “the bleeding edge devices and methods [scientists] use to recognize and follow space rocks, and the innovation that may one day secure our planet.” While the flow danger of a space rock hitting Earth is moderately low, “the potential results make the investigation of space rocks an unfathomably significant zone of logical research.”

Fortunately, Ridley’s portrayal will without a doubt mitigate any feelings of dread that you may have. “I am so eager to work with IMAX to keep shipping crowds into space,” she said in an announcement (by means of Digital Spy). “Space rock Hunters exhibits the splendid personalities of researchers and genuine planetary protectors attempting to ensure our reality and reminding us what our kin are equipped for when joined by a shared objective.”


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