Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Senator Sirajul Haq has said that the US President Donald Trump didn’t express a solitary word against the Muslim massacre and questionable citizenship act during his visit to India which was matter of grave concern.

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In an announcement gave here on Tuesday, Sirajul Haq said that the American President’s quietness on minorities’ abuse in India and most exceedingly terrible human rights infringement in held Jammu and Kashmir uncovered the supposed cases of the US that it was a safeguard of rights champion on the planet.

He cautioned Islamabad against Trump offer of intervention on Kashmir, saying it was a snare for Pakistan and Kashmiris. He emphasized the Kashmir issue ought to be settled by the goals of the UN allowing right to self assurance to the individuals of Kashmir.

The JI boss lamented the PTI government neglected to build up a solid international strategy and battle the instance of the individuals of Kashmir.

In the mean time, the pioneers of JI have communicated profound pain and distress over the passing of JI senior pioneer and previous Mayor Karachi Naimatullah Khan Advocate.

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Ameer JI Senator Sirajul Haq, Secretary General Ameerul Azim, vice presidents Liaqat Baloch, Dr Farid Paracha and others imparted sympathy to the group recently Naimatullah and implored may his spirit find happiness in the hereafter.

“Naimatullah Khan’s administrations for Islam and Pakistan will consistently be recollected. His demise carried incredible misfortune to the country,” said JI boss Sirajul Haq.

Ameerul Azim said late Naimatullah Khan was skilled character who served on key posts yet passed an exceptionally basic life. Khan, he stated, was a benefit for the JI and Karachi.

Paying tribute to the strict and nationalistic help of previous Mayor Karachi, Liaqat Baloch said his work will consistently be recollected.


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